Our Location

KaiKan onsen is located in the heart of Bangkok. With its easy access from multiple routes, you can easily escape the bustling city and step into a serene and tranquil spa environment.


Hygiene Standards

We place a high value on hygiene. Our dedicated cleaning staffs maintain a spotless environment by cleaning every three hours and performing a thorough daily cleaning routine.


Unique Design

It's a truly unique onsen experience. Our facility, inspired by Japanese aesthetics, transports you to the serene beauty of nature in Japan while also providing modern amenities for your convenience.


Ultimate Relaxation

KAIKAN Gentleman Onsen is a tranquil Japanese retreat where body and mind unwind. Our haven promises rejuvenation, from relieving work fatigue to spending quality time with friends. Immerse yourself in our peaceful environment and emerge fully charged for what lies ahead.


Aside from the onsen, We also have various rooms that will provide you with the most relaxing experiences, whether it’s a steam room, sauna, or relaxation room, as well as food and beverage services.

Opening Hour

Everyday, 3.00pm – 8.00am

Entrance Fee

450 THB / person
*limited 150 person at a time